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  • Merchant Cash Advances

    We provide small business owners who accept credit cards with merchant cash advances that they can use for any type of business expense.

  • Small Business Loans

    Cash-only business? View our small business loan programs, perfect for businesses that don’t accept credit cards or do little in credit card sales.

  • Platinum Program

    Tailored exclusively for high-volume merchants, our Platinum funding program gets you the cash you need now to fuel your business.

  • How It Works

    Need an introduction? Learn about each of our funding products and how they work in our easy-to-follow How It Works section.

  • Partner With Us

    Looking to enhance the value of your business and increase your earning potential? Partner with Infinity Capital, an industry leader, and benefit from our experience.

  • Blog

    Keep up to date with latest news from Infinity Capital, where you can find great information on our funding products as well industry news and advice.

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    Starter Program

    Just starting out and need funding? Our Starter program is personalized for first and second year businesses that need access to cash now.