Infinity Capital Funding B2B Partnership Program

If your company offers a product or service regularly utilized by small and mid-sized businesses, we would like to offer the opportunity to partner with Infinity Capital Funding. Infinity Capital Funding offers a merchant cash advance to businesses. It is a great way to put money back into a business without taking out a high interest loan that places burden on the business owner.

We are extending to high quality business-to-business companies an opportunity to offer your customers these merchant cash advances. Your business can become an independent Office/Agent for Infinity Capital Funding. Based on your sales of the merchant cash advance, your company will earn an instant commission. Your customer, on the other hand, will get an immediate influx of money to put back into their business.

The Partnership Program is a great opportunity for you to open up your company to a revenue stream that has little to no effect on your work load or expenditure. We are simply asking you to be our sales reps. By extending these offers to your clients, you will be further endearing yourself and your company into their good graces. Once they have signed on for a cash advance, we give you a commission and take the transaction off your hands entirely.

Hiring New Employees With Merchant Cash Advance

Many people are talking about Quantitative Easing and other forms of government economic stimuli after last week’s Federal Reserve announcement. These measures are meant to free up money for banks so that they will feel more willing to loan money to businesses in need. The loans to these businesses are what allow many of them to hire more employees and, thereby, stimulate the economy by opening up the door to more consumer spending.

If you think that seems like a long chain of events to bet on, you are correct. The weeks and months that it takes for a decision like this to trickle down to small business owners can spell disaster for a small company. In a way, it is becoming difficult for some small businesses to keep up with the moderate improvements in the economy. While your business might be rebounding, it will take some time to earn the capital necessary to rehire some of the employees lost in the initial financial malaise of a few years ago.

A merchant cash advance is a great way to get back to hiring. If your company appears to be moving in the right direction and business is picking up hiring some new employees is not just a convenience, it is an almost patriotic act.

Infinity Capital Funding For A Cash Advance

Are you a small or mid-sized business looking to get a merchant cash advance to help you through a rough period or start up? You have absolutely found the right place. This blog is a platform for a wealth of knowledge regarding unsecured cash advance loans from Infinity Capital Funding.

These advances are easier to procure than a regular loan from a bank and require a lot less time and information from you! Also, they’re great for businesses that have only been in business for a year. Most conventional loans require your business to have existed for over 2-3 years. To procure unsecured working capital for your business, the requirement is much lower.

There are also no restrictions on this kind of cash advance for business. If you need the money to purchase a new cash register, go right ahead! If you need the money to hire more help during a busy season, that’s okay too!
Unsecured working capital funding is a great choice for a small business that needs quick, easy, and easily accessible funding for their company’s well being. So stop in more often and learn more about Infinity Capital Funding and the services that they provide their partners and to businesses like yours all across the country.