Stress-Free Funding for Small Businesses

small business fundingOwning and operating a small business is hard work. The only thing spread more thinly than your own time is the money you are reinvesting in your business. The stresses of finding small business funding can take a huge toll on a business owner’s personal health, and the fallout can be felt in everything a business does. It is vital to reinvest in your company, but it should not come at the expense of your own health or peace of mind.

This is why so many people have turned to small business funding opportunities that do not require companies to pay exorbitant interest rates on loans. While many banks continue to pass risk onto the little guy, companies like Infinity Capital Funding are offering the kind of smart funding for small businesses that keeps companies growing without putting undue strain on the people who rely on the business as a source of income.

Funding is of course one of the most important aspects of owning a small business, but it is nothing if the brains and brawn behind your company are compromised by stress and stress-related illnesses. With the smart funding provided by Infinity Capital Funding, you can comfortably carry on with your work while giving your business what it needs to grow.

Smart Use of Micro Loans

micro loanAt Infinity Capital Funding, we pride ourselves on offering business owners a great opportunity to invest some new capital into their company without cratering their bottom line. Our micro loans and merchant cash advance programs are custom-built so that small and mid-sized business owners can make vital investments in their business in a low stress way.

Once you have the money from one of these micro loans, spending it wisely should be your priority. This means before you even request a loan you should have a clear idea of what you want to do with the money and how much that will cost you. Having a plan and a clear expectation for results is the only way for a business owner to invest wisely in their company.

Organization is key to making big changes to your business without throwing current operations into a tailspin. Your employees and any pertinent partners who might be affected by given changes should be well aware of a timeline for implementation and what is expected of them in the changes. Simply communicating a strategy effectively with employees will save you a monumental amount of time and anguish.

Making changes requires clear goal settings and a definitive plan. It also requires a little capital.

Smart Investment in Small Business with Merchant Cash Advance

cash advance for businessRunning a small business can sometimes feel like you are a tiny fish in an ocean, especially if you read the biggest business news of the day. For example, when you find out that the social networking company Foursquare has just received an investment of $41 million, you wonder how your brand could get the sort of meaningful investment to also grow.

For smaller businesses though, there is tremendous room for growth with only small investments in your company. That is why the short term loans provided by us at Infinity Capital Funding are such a vital lifeline to companies looking to grow in smart ways.

With a merchant cash advance you can get real money to invest in your company to find more effective ways of making money, be it by hiring or making your business’ infrastructure better. It might not be millions of dollars, but it can have a tremendous impact if used wisely.

Investment is what helps businesses thrive. Putting your money into the company should always net positive results. This is why investors are so committed to plunging funds into businesses they see as valuable. With Infinity Capital Funding in your corner, you can find new ways to grow your business today!

Short Term Loans Could Not Save These Losses

merchant cash advanceYou have to spend money to make money. Anyone in business knows this from their own endeavors. Sadly, sometimes the money spent can never be made back. Luckily our experts here at Infinity Capital Funding have figured out ways to keep businesses operational with short term loans in order to fix the sort of problems that can see profits walking out the door.

Of course in some cases even our most forgivable merchant cash advance plan cannot save you from a loss. Luckily the sort of gigantic losses we are discussing here are usually bared out by some of the most successful people in the world. We decided to look at the three people who lost the most money in 2012.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg: Being a wunderkind in Silicon Valley has made Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg successful beyond most of our wildest expectations. This means he can lose $8.1 billion and still look like “the King of the World.”
  2. John Paulson: Allowing your own hedge fund to lose $14 million will cost your own personal fortune quite a bit. John Paulson has lost $4.5 billion, along with a lot of good will in the business community.
  3. George Soros: Of course not all losses are so damning. Soros’ hedge fund has dipped in recent months, but most of his $3 billion loss can be traced to charitable donations.