Business Funding for AC

business fundingFor a lot of business people, especially those just starting out, there is a budget-minded tendency to cut corners wherever you might be able to. As winter turned to spring, many of those business people decided investing in an air conditioner was unnecessary. Now that the “real feel” temperatures are getting into the 106 degree range, they—and their customers—are likely taking notice.

With small business funding from our knowledgeable staff at Infinity Capital Funding, you can invest money in your business, including installing an air conditioning system. When it is this stiflingly hot, the heat can destroy merchandise or discourage consumers from even entering an air-condition-free zone.

Putting business funding into air conditioning is not without its logic. Adding AC will keep employees happier and make customers feel like your business is a cozy refuge from an unforgiving sun. Once you have the unit installed, we will take our repayment out of a small percentage of your credit card sales. The idea behind this plan is to stretch your repayment out so much that you do not even feel it in your pockets in the coming months.

Do not languish one more day with no air conditioning at your business.

Tracking Business Funding Year to Year

business funding sourcesThe best way to keep a business solvent and budget yourself properly is to always keep ahead of your financial reality. For a new business, the first year can feel like searching for a lighthouse in a thick fog. Once you have one year of financial records, planning should become more manageable.

By looking over the month-to-month reports from previous years, many business owners can measure their need for small business funding during leaner months and set up systems for saving during times of more robust business. While you might still need to seek out business funding sources, you will be better able to manage repayment and how to invest those funds with this kind of active accounting.

As an owner and manager of a small business, it is your job to maintain normalcy throughout your business year. The financial strain of a lean season should not be felt by your consumers, your staff, and ideally yourself. All businesses need to borrow money for growth; the trick is borrowing wisely and not becoming a victim of predatory lending practices that have shuttered far too many businesses’ doors. Managing small business funding is no easy task, but each year it should become a little easier.

Building a Business Worth Business Funding

small business fundingWe spend a lot of time focusing our energy on the “you need to spend money to make money” aspect of business. Fair enough we say; small business funding—after all—is our business. Of course for younger small business people, there are more basic rules that can help keep your company moving more efficiently. It will also help you lead employees by example. The result will be a company more befitting the kind of business funding we love helping out with.

  • Follow a Rule of Twos: Focus first on the two most important tasks you have each day. You will attack each efficiently and effectively and be more prepared to take on new problems.
  • File Effectively: This means not only filing what you do need but throwing away anything you do not need.
  • Start Working in 15 Minutes or Less: Getting coffee, reading the news, even chatting with coworkers can take a lot out of the day. Take no more than 15 minutes for these activities before launching into your actual daily duties.
  • Visualize Your Day: Know how your day should go. Take 10 to 20 seconds to literally visualize how everything will go.
  • Encourage Employees To Follow These Steps: Get on the same page philosophically with your staff. These tips are a great start.

Turn Customer Suggestions Into Reality with Business Funding

business funding sourcePutting out a customer suggestion box is a helpful way to improve your business. Often you will find customers eager to offer some advice on how to make your shop or restaurant better, and delivering their requests will forever endear yourself to them. Of course, for every excellent suggestion there is likely to be the occasional silly suggestion: “Free money machine,” thanks for the help valuable consumer.

While some suggestions will be worth ignoring, all of the good ones are not likely to be free. Chances are you will read some suggestions and think to yourself, “If we had the small business funding to get it done that would be a great idea.” Infinity Capital Funding wants to give you an opportunity to make those good ideas happen.

We are a common sense business funding source, and our short-term loans are perfect for businesses looking to implement smart, new ideas to better serve their clientele. Taking customer suggestions seriously is a great way to shore up the support of a community, and investing a little bit of business funding into a project will have immediate positive impact.

See what your customers have in mind, and then see if our lending can help make some magic happen.