The Ancient Art of Emailing Your Customer…Yes, It Still Works

Email is not extinct! It is still one of the most valuable methods or tools if you will, to reaching your customer/fan/end-user. The trick is lowering the dial on being obnoxiously overbearing and upping the dial on being relevant, fresh and suave. Keeping in mind that the Monday morning “email scroll through” is tortuous, please read on.

Here are some very useful tips on how to effectively use the “Email” and simultaneously incorporate it into your overall marketing/social media strategies. Remember to consult your web/graphic guy before trying anything on your own.


1. The Popup:

Making it easy for web visitor to sign up for your newsletter, blog etc..

There is the popular “Sign-Up” for our email tab, method. There is another option, the popup. A popup usually appears before a reader has experienced the website's content or when they're actively reading it; interrupting your visitor at this time may turn them off, so, read on. There are WordPress plugins such as or  that can remedy this potential issue. Once installed, you can customize the plug in to recognize new visitors, throw up a screen (that the customer can easily “x” out of) making an offer to new visitors if they sign up.

Again, these plugins are extremely customizable, even offering popup themes and A/B testing.


2. The Barter:

Offering the visitor something they find valuable in exchange for signing up, is the obvious way to go. However, what follows the initial offer is more important. Serving the chefs special with each email is a must. If it is discount on a product, great! If it is an update on a law recently passed, that may have an impact on your customers business, great! Make it count.


3. The Social Media Factor:

This is obvious and über important; all of your content must be shareable.

Most email service providers contain social media sharing options that you can embed in your content so that a reader could tweet/share/post your email/article.

My recommended email service providers are listed below:

→Constant Contact

→Email Chimp

→Vertical Response


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Finding the best way to maximize the potential of a niche will take business funding and sharp focus from you and your staff. Once you do though it will be a lot harder for competition to impede on your territory.