The Ancient Art of Emailing Your Customer…Yes, It Still Works

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Email is not extinct! It is still one of the most valuable methods or tools if you will, to reaching your customer/fan/end-user. The trick is lowering the dial on being obnoxiously overbearing and upping the dial on being relevant, fresh and suave. Keeping in mind that the Monday morning “email scroll through” is tortuous, please read on.

Here are some very useful tips on how to effectively use the “Email” and simultaneously incorporate it into your overall marketing/social media strategies. Remember to consult your web/graphic guy before trying anything on your own.


1. The Popup:

Making it easy for web visitor to sign up for your newsletter, blog etc..

There is the popular “Sign-Up” for our email tab, method. There is another option, the popup. A popup usually appears before a reader has experienced the website's content or when they're actively reading it; interrupting your visitor at this time may turn them off, so, read on. There are WordPress plugins such as or  that can remedy this potential issue. Once installed, you can customize the plug in to recognize new visitors, throw up a screen (that the customer can easily “x” out of) making an offer to new visitors if they sign up.

Again, these plugins are extremely customizable, even offering popup themes and A/B testing.


2. The Barter:

Offering the visitor something they find valuable in exchange for signing up, is the obvious way to go. However, what follows the initial offer is more important. Serving the chefs special with each email is a must. If it is discount on a product, great! If it is an update on a law recently passed, that may have an impact on your customers business, great! Make it count.


3. The Social Media Factor:

This is obvious and über important; all of your content must be shareable.

Most email service providers contain social media sharing options that you can embed in your content so that a reader could tweet/share/post your email/article.

My recommended email service providers are listed below:

→Constant Contact

→Email Chimp

→Vertical Response


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Competitive Pricing Can Hurt Small Business

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For many young businesses hungry for customers and competing in crowded markets, the first impulse is to lower costs to compete with bigger brands. Beating your largest competitors on price is a great way to gain customers, but if you obtain customers at price points that are unsustainable, they will not be with you and your company for the long haul. Your prices will have to increase, potentially driving away all of those customers you brought in. And if you do not increase prices, you might just find your business losing money with every new customer.

Finding funding for small business can be difficult. Believe it or not generating income is the best way to fund your business. Even as a sensible merchant cash advance allows you to bridge the gaps in your budgets, you need to have a winning business with profits to stay afloat. This is why keeping prices low to acquire customers is not as important as finding a price point and business model that is manageable and can help you find a sustainable customer base.

Test your pricing to ensure that you start from a place where profit is possible. It is the safest way to keep up small business funding for the long haul.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

When you consider starting a business, you are going to run into a wide array of naysayers. Some folks will tell you about the risks that you are making in general, while others will tell you about how crowded the market is in your chosen industry. Luckily, you do not have to listen to negative voices with little to no expertise.

Funding for small business is not lent out based on how innovative an idea is. Instead, it is about making a clear business plan with some common sense benchmarks and realistic budgets. Once you have developed a sound business concept and plan, it becomes your job to make your experience superior in some way to competitors. There may be other businesses doing what you do broadly, but it is your job to find the areas where those businesses need improvement.

With a merchant cash advance, you can develop a business strategy that takes on competitors in local markets. In just a few months you can define the experience customers can expect from your establishment and make huge strides towards any and all competitors. All you need is a real strategy and enough small business funding to make an impact.

Think Before You Hire Friends

As a small business, you might sometimes feel stifled by the options available to you. This can come in the form of location, products that you offer, or in the people you hire. For small businesses there is often an impulse to hire friends and family. The results of this decision, often made in haste, is unqualified or under-motivated employees who lack accountability.

When hiring employees for your business, you should be attempting to attract the best talent in your field. As a result, this is an area where cost cutting should be avoided. Instead, get an infusion of small business funding to assure that your employees are the best you can get. The results will be a better business that you can maintain control over in a real way. It is hard to be a friend first and boss second. It is much easier to be a boss first and become friendly by building trust over time.

Funding for small business can be divided in a number of different ways. To put emphasis on hiring high-quality workers is a smart move which will guarantee that, if nothing else, your business will offer reliable and valuable services. This above all else will put you on track for success.

Business Funding To Weather the Government Shutdown

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Hopefully you have not started to feel the pinch of the government shutdown at your small business. Luckily, as a small business owner you make your own money and can survive without government assistance that is so important to so many others. Of course, if your business is patronized by government workers or people who subsist on government assistance, things might have already started to look dire.

No matter who or what you blame for the government shutdown, it is sure to affect businesses if it keeps going for a several months. To help navigate these lean weeks (months?), you might need a merchant cash advance. Our small business funding plans can help keep the cash in your company consistent during a period of downturn. With some smart budgeting and an infusion of cash from a lending service that is not taking advantage of panic, you can survive the shutdown.

If the pinch of the government shutdown is threatening the health of your business, look into our many methods of providing funding for small business. We can help you stay on your feet and continue to do the good work you love, even as the government refuses to do its work.

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