small business fundingWe spend a lot of time focusing our energy on the “you need to spend money to make money” aspect of business. Fair enough we say; small business funding—after all—is our business. Of course for younger small business people, there are more basic rules that can help keep your company moving more efficiently. It will also help you lead employees by example. The result will be a company more befitting the kind of business funding we love helping out with.

  • Follow a Rule of Twos: Focus first on the two most important tasks you have each day. You will attack each efficiently and effectively and be more prepared to take on new problems.
  • File Effectively: This means not only filing what you do need but throwing away anything you do not need.
  • Start Working in 15 Minutes or Less: Getting coffee, reading the news, even chatting with coworkers can take a lot out of the day. Take no more than 15 minutes for these activities before launching into your actual daily duties.
  • Visualize Your Day: Know how your day should go. Take 10 to 20 seconds to literally visualize how everything will go.
  • Encourage Employees To Follow These Steps: Get on the same page philosophically with your staff. These tips are a great start.