Infinity Capital Funding B2B Partnership Program

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If your company offers a product or service regularly utilized by small and mid-sized businesses, we would like to offer the opportunity to partner with Infinity Capital Funding. Infinity Capital Funding offers a merchant cash advance to businesses. It is a great way to put money back into a business without taking out a high interest loan that places burden on the business owner.

We are extending to high quality business-to-business companies an opportunity to offer your customers these merchant cash advances. Your business can become an independent Office/Agent for Infinity Capital Funding. Based on your sales of the merchant cash advance, your company will earn an instant commission. Your customer, on the other hand, will get an immediate influx of money to put back into their business.

The Partnership Program is a great opportunity for you to open up your company to a revenue stream that has little to no effect on your work load or expenditure. We are simply asking you to be our sales reps. By extending these offers to your clients, you will be further endearing yourself and your company into their good graces. Once they have signed on for a cash advance, we give you a commission and take the transaction off your hands entirely.

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