No Credit Cards? Try a Micro Loan

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These days many of us take for granted the idea that a business will accept credit or debit cards. We barely carry around cash at all, save for particular situations, and it can end up being a real problem when some random purchase comes from a business with a “cash only” rule.

By the same token, some businesses feel excluded from the merchant cash advance program from Infinity Capital Funding because it is levied against credit card sales. Of course, for these people we have another short term loan option. The Micro Loan Program is a great option for any business that does not rely primarily on credit card sales to get a burst of cash to invest in their business.

Businesses can get up to $60,000 from the Micro Loan Program for a lending period of six to ten months. It is a great way to get a short term loan for your business and to keep things current or to open up new revenue streams that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive. You can winterize your store, modernize your office or just put in that pesky credit card machine whose absence has been frustrating customers for far too long.

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