Smart Business Funding, Not Predatory Lending

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business fundingAfter the financial collapse of 2008, which our global economy is still grappling with today, there was a wide array of news reports indicating just how devastating the practice of “predatory lending” was to the market. In the years leading up to the crash, banks happily lent to individuals who–by most estimations–might have had trouble paying back the loans they were given. Consumers used this money to buy cars, start businesses and buy homes. The result was widespread bankruptcy and people defaulting on many of these purchases.

These days lenders continue to lend to people who cannot pay back with skyrocketing interest rates that will be sure to hurt them in the long run. For a small business owner looking far and wide for business funding sources, the results can be even more tragic, resulting in layoffs and shuttered doors. This is why Infinity Capital Funding offers small business funding without these skyrocketing interest rates. The results are loans offered in a way that makes sense not just for a lender but for a business owner borrowing.

It is important that business have resources that can offer business funding without burdening their bottom line in unnecessary ways. This is exactly what Infinity Capital offers.

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