Business Funds on This Week’s Mad Men

business funding sourceOn this Sunday’s episode of Mad Men, an issue of business funding came into stark contrast as the usual business moves being made on the AMC drama had to cope with actual numbers on a balance sheet. The advertising agency at the center of the show was working on a campaign for St. Joseph’s Baby Aspirin. Some creative growth of the company’s original pitch and misjudgment on the part of one of the company’s partners lead to an unexpected increase in the budget of an ad. The results were a kerfuffle that nearly lost the account altogether and a great display of the importance for business funding, as well as oversight.

Using small business funding in a smart way without letting expenses run wild can be just as troublesome. Projects have a tendency to get bigger as they roll down the hill towards completion. Having accountants handling the budgets of a project is the best way to keep your business from tilting too far into debt. When you secure a business funding source, you should do so at a price that gives you some breathing room.

Luckily for you, our staff at Infinity Capital Funding is very willing to play ball and develop a merchant cash advance that works for your specific financial needs.

Smart Use of Micro Loans

micro loanAt Infinity Capital Funding, we pride ourselves on offering business owners a great opportunity to invest some new capital into their company without cratering their bottom line. Our micro loans and merchant cash advance programs are custom-built so that small and mid-sized business owners can make vital investments in their business in a low stress way.

Once you have the money from one of these micro loans, spending it wisely should be your priority. This means before you even request a loan you should have a clear idea of what you want to do with the money and how much that will cost you. Having a plan and a clear expectation for results is the only way for a business owner to invest wisely in their company.

Organization is key to making big changes to your business without throwing current operations into a tailspin. Your employees and any pertinent partners who might be affected by given changes should be well aware of a timeline for implementation and what is expected of them in the changes. Simply communicating a strategy effectively with employees will save you a monumental amount of time and anguish.

Making changes requires clear goal settings and a definitive plan. It also requires a little capital.

Short Term Loans Could Not Save These Losses

merchant cash advanceYou have to spend money to make money. Anyone in business knows this from their own endeavors. Sadly, sometimes the money spent can never be made back. Luckily our experts here at Infinity Capital Funding have figured out ways to keep businesses operational with short term loans in order to fix the sort of problems that can see profits walking out the door.

Of course in some cases even our most forgivable merchant cash advance plan cannot save you from a loss. Luckily the sort of gigantic losses we are discussing here are usually bared out by some of the most successful people in the world. We decided to look at the three people who lost the most money in 2012.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg: Being a wunderkind in Silicon Valley has made Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg successful beyond most of our wildest expectations. This means he can lose $8.1 billion and still look like “the King of the World.”
  2. John Paulson: Allowing your own hedge fund to lose $14 million will cost your own personal fortune quite a bit. John Paulson has lost $4.5 billion, along with a lot of good will in the business community.
  3. George Soros: Of course not all losses are so damning. Soros’ hedge fund has dipped in recent months, but most of his $3 billion loss can be traced to charitable donations.

Summer Dip in Profits? A Short Term Loan Would Help

merchant cash advanceFor some businesses the summer is a world of profitable opportunity. The sunnier months drive foot traffic and adventurous spending from people looking to splurge on comforts that they might otherwise avoid in the colder months. This is true of most businesses working in entertainment, travel, and other things that are not necessities.

Still, there are always exceptions. A newer ski lodge, for example, has probably not built up a nest egg to take the warm months off completely. Instead they might sell themselves as scenic destinations for families. While this might bring in some cash, it is probably not roping the robust numbers you get between November and March.

So how do you fill the gap when your seasonal business is in its lean season?

A short term loan can keep you afloat, but most small business people fear the hidden fees and huge interest rates of these arrangements. Luckily we here at Infinity Capital Funding have merchant cash advances. The arrangement is ideal for people looking for a low stress short term loan to cover expenses during a slow season for your business.

So if your business needs cash to get over the hump of the summer, do not panic. Instead, check out the arrangements available at our website.

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