Closing Fiscal Gaps for 2014

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For most retail businesses Christmas is the end of a long stretch of the hardest working period of the year. If everything went right this holiday season you likely had the busiest period of your whole year. Moving piles of product is a much needed shot in the arm for a variety of companies that might have been suffering sales lulls for the fiscal year of 2013.

If you own a struggling business that one busy season alone is unlikely to alter the dire circumstances of a disappointing year. Closing budget gaps, paying overdue bills, and finding room for growth for your business is going to take finding a a plan and a funding source that works for your needs.

Infinity Capital Funding is here to help you hatch the next phase for your business. Perhaps scaling back on a brick and mortar store and moving to the Web is just what your business needs. Maybe an expansion into new service areas can turn things around. No matter what the solution we are here to provide short term loans that make sense for even a cash strapped business.

Resilience makes businesses stay stronger longer. We are here to help your business build back up right now.

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