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Microloan Program

Microloan Program

The Microloan Program is ideal for merchants who do little or no credit card transactions but need access to cash right away.

Perfect for small businesses like cash-only restaurants, cafes, boutiques or small retail ventures, the funding from our microloans can be used to cover virtually any kind of business expenditure.

Your microloan is paid back through weekly ACH payments over the course of 6 to 10 months, and does not require your business to begin accepting credit cards.

Do I Qualify?

Your small business qualifies for our Microloan Program merchant funding if it makes a minimum of $10,000 in bank deposits per month and has been owned and operated for at least 12 months with clean bank statements showing a consistent cash flow. In addition, an average personal credit score is required.

Fill out our simple application and be on your way to securing a microloan as large as $60,000 for your business, or reach out to one of our associates at 877.422.7501 for more information.

Our Microloan Program is for merchants that either do not accept credit cards, do very little in credit card sales or merchants that cannot provide split funding on their credit card sales. The advance is paid back through weekly ACH payments.
  • Advance range between 30-60% of gross sales.
  • Maximum funding amount $60,000.
  • Advances with 6-10 month terms
  • Minimum of $10,000 in bank deposits per month.
  • Owned and operated for at least 12 months.
  • Clean bank statements with consistent cash flow.
  • Personal credit requirement = Good
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