Summer Dip in Profits? A Short Term Loan Would Help

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merchant cash advanceFor some businesses the summer is a world of profitable opportunity. The sunnier months drive foot traffic and adventurous spending from people looking to splurge on comforts that they might otherwise avoid in the colder months. This is true of most businesses working in entertainment, travel, and other things that are not necessities.

Still, there are always exceptions. A newer ski lodge, for example, has probably not built up a nest egg to take the warm months off completely. Instead they might sell themselves as scenic destinations for families. While this might bring in some cash, it is probably not roping the robust numbers you get between November and March.

So how do you fill the gap when your seasonal business is in its lean season?

A short term loan can keep you afloat, but most small business people fear the hidden fees and huge interest rates of these arrangements. Luckily we here at Infinity Capital Funding have merchant cash advances. The arrangement is ideal for people looking for a low stress short term loan to cover expenses during a slow season for your business.

So if your business needs cash to get over the hump of the summer, do not panic. Instead, check out the arrangements available at our website.

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