Upgrading Your Inventory In Time For The Holiday Season

small business loans for the holidays For many small businesses, the holiday season is the time when the most money is made. Some industries earn the majority of their annual income during these few short months. Demand increases almost ten-fold during November and December especially. The question is whether you have the funds to increase your product inventory to match this demand.

For struggling small businesses, these months can mean the difference between being around in a year and closing shop. Don’t let a lack of inventory prevent your business from reaping the benefits of the holiday merriment. If you’re struggling with cash flow and cannot afford to double your inventory a business cash advance is an easy and practical solution. The advance will provide the funds you need to make the money that will carry you through to the next quarter.

A short term loan gives your business the cash it needs now without locking you into a never ending lending agreement. The strategy is to float your inventory until the revenue you make this holiday season allows you to stand on your own two feet next year. Infinity Capital Funding is safe, reliable, and friendly. Our customer service representatives will walk you through your inventory and suggest how much money you’ll need to borrow. Our repayment terms are easy to understand and minimally arduous to meet.

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Spring Marketing Campaigns with a Business Cash Advance

business cash advanceSpring is an opportune time to launch your business anew. People begin to emerge from their long winter slumber indoors. They are excited to get out and do things and eager to spend a little of the cash they have squirreled away during their winter hibernation.

The key to making this new influx of customers work for you and your business is finding the customers while you can. A practical way to do just that is to spend a little more money on marketing than usual. Whether your are talking about launching a web advertising campaign, a local TV advertisement or direct mailing to customers, effective marketing should drive foot traffic back into your store right now.

Of course for small and medium-sized businesses, marketing can sometimes feel like a big expenditure to throw down all at once. Luckily, we at Infinity Capital Funding love to fund these sort of projects with our low pressure business cash advance. With our business cash advance you can invest in the marketing campaign that works for your business without worrying about missing bills before those feet start storming your doors.

We offer short term loans against a percentage of your credit card sales. There are no flat rates, and it will be easily and efficiently paid back before the campaign has run its course.