Tracking Business Funding Year to Year

business funding sourcesThe best way to keep a business solvent and budget yourself properly is to always keep ahead of your financial reality. For a new business, the first year can feel like searching for a lighthouse in a thick fog. Once you have one year of financial records, planning should become more manageable.

By looking over the month-to-month reports from previous years, many business owners can measure their need for small business funding during leaner months and set up systems for saving during times of more robust business. While you might still need to seek out business funding sources, you will be better able to manage repayment and how to invest those funds with this kind of active accounting.

As an owner and manager of a small business, it is your job to maintain normalcy throughout your business year. The financial strain of a lean season should not be felt by your consumers, your staff, and ideally yourself. All businesses need to borrow money for growth; the trick is borrowing wisely and not becoming a victim of predatory lending practices that have shuttered far too many businesses’ doors. Managing small business funding is no easy task, but each year it should become a little easier.

Turn Customer Suggestions Into Reality with Business Funding

business funding sourcePutting out a customer suggestion box is a helpful way to improve your business. Often you will find customers eager to offer some advice on how to make your shop or restaurant better, and delivering their requests will forever endear yourself to them. Of course, for every excellent suggestion there is likely to be the occasional silly suggestion: “Free money machine,” thanks for the help valuable consumer.

While some suggestions will be worth ignoring, all of the good ones are not likely to be free. Chances are you will read some suggestions and think to yourself, “If we had the small business funding to get it done that would be a great idea.” Infinity Capital Funding wants to give you an opportunity to make those good ideas happen.

We are a common sense business funding source, and our short-term loans are perfect for businesses looking to implement smart, new ideas to better serve their clientele. Taking customer suggestions seriously is a great way to shore up the support of a community, and investing a little bit of business funding into a project will have immediate positive impact.

See what your customers have in mind, and then see if our lending can help make some magic happen.

Small Business Funding (That’s What I Want)

The best things in life are free, but if you want to keep a small business operational and employees working you need business funding. As a business owner you are supposed to be approachable and kind to customers and employees. This will help the reputation of your business and generate mutually beneficial loyalty among your employees and customers, but in the end money worry all falls on you.

The common sense lending practices of Infinity Capital Funding are great for people looking for business funding sources that will not take an unnecessary emotional toll on business owners, so you can get back to those more important things.

Smart Business Funding, Not Predatory Lending

business fundingAfter the financial collapse of 2008, which our global economy is still grappling with today, there was a wide array of news reports indicating just how devastating the practice of “predatory lending” was to the market. In the years leading up to the crash, banks happily lent to individuals who–by most estimations–might have had trouble paying back the loans they were given. Consumers used this money to buy cars, start businesses and buy homes. The result was widespread bankruptcy and people defaulting on many of these purchases.

These days lenders continue to lend to people who cannot pay back with skyrocketing interest rates that will be sure to hurt them in the long run. For a small business owner looking far and wide for business funding sources, the results can be even more tragic, resulting in layoffs and shuttered doors. This is why Infinity Capital Funding offers small business funding without these skyrocketing interest rates. The results are loans offered in a way that makes sense not just for a lender but for a business owner borrowing.

It is important that business have resources that can offer business funding without burdening their bottom line in unnecessary ways. This is exactly what Infinity Capital offers.

Small Business Funding for Better Employees

business funding sourceFor a business that is in a state of serious growth, there can sometimes be trouble balancing the need for investment in the company and staying within your financial budget. This is often the problem with staffing. To keep up with growth, a company needs a talented staff dedicated to the work they are doing. In order to get that staff, a company has to offer a competitive rate or risk getting workers who are disinterested in their work.

To help keep staff happy, many owners of small businesses seek business funding from outside of their own coffers. This is where a small business funding source like Infinity Capital Funding can come in. Through a partnership or a merchant cash advance, we can provide terms that are agreeable to a business still in its nascent stages. The results are happy employees, satisfied customers and business owners unburdened by wildly exploding interest rates on their small business funding.

If you are having trouble finding the right staff or simply holding onto the staff you have, some investment could go a long way in fixing these issues. Look into small business funding solutions that can allow you to treat employees better and grow smarter.