3 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners In 2014

We all want more success in 2014. In life and in business we want to make positive changes to assure that our lives are more fulfilling. We want our businesses to generate more profit and grow in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Advancing a business means investing small business funding in smart ways, but it also means resolving ourselves to improve the way we work and how we engage with running our businesses. Here are some great New Year’s Resolutions for managers to consider as 2013 draws to a close:

  • Delegate Better and Delegate More: Managers can have trouble giving up control. Employees account for a lot of funding for small businesses and their effectiveness should be maximized. This means you have to give your staff more opportunity to work in increasingly meaningful ways.
  • Make Promotion a Priority: Make a plan for promoting your business. Invest a short term loan in Web marketing, attend business networking events, and make a plan for what this year’s marketing message will be.
  • Update and Upgrade Equipment: Your business is only as good as its resources. Do not make do with a rickety old register, get a new one. If shelves are not ideal fix them. Your business deserves this kind of attention and investment.

Upgrading Your Inventory In Time For The Holiday Season

small business loans for the holidays For many small businesses, the holiday season is the time when the most money is made. Some industries earn the majority of their annual income during these few short months. Demand increases almost ten-fold during November and December especially. The question is whether you have the funds to increase your product inventory to match this demand.

For struggling small businesses, these months can mean the difference between being around in a year and closing shop. Don’t let a lack of inventory prevent your business from reaping the benefits of the holiday merriment. If you’re struggling with cash flow and cannot afford to double your inventory a business cash advance is an easy and practical solution. The advance will provide the funds you need to make the money that will carry you through to the next quarter.

A short term loan gives your business the cash it needs now without locking you into a never ending lending agreement. The strategy is to float your inventory until the revenue you make this holiday season allows you to stand on your own two feet next year. Infinity Capital Funding is safe, reliable, and friendly. Our customer service representatives will walk you through your inventory and suggest how much money you’ll need to borrow. Our repayment terms are easy to understand and minimally arduous to meet.

Call our customer service representatives to learn more.

Summer Dip in Profits? A Short Term Loan Would Help

merchant cash advanceFor some businesses the summer is a world of profitable opportunity. The sunnier months drive foot traffic and adventurous spending from people looking to splurge on comforts that they might otherwise avoid in the colder months. This is true of most businesses working in entertainment, travel, and other things that are not necessities.

Still, there are always exceptions. A newer ski lodge, for example, has probably not built up a nest egg to take the warm months off completely. Instead they might sell themselves as scenic destinations for families. While this might bring in some cash, it is probably not roping the robust numbers you get between November and March.

So how do you fill the gap when your seasonal business is in its lean season?

A short term loan can keep you afloat, but most small business people fear the hidden fees and huge interest rates of these arrangements. Luckily we here at Infinity Capital Funding have merchant cash advances. The arrangement is ideal for people looking for a low stress short term loan to cover expenses during a slow season for your business.

So if your business needs cash to get over the hump of the summer, do not panic. Instead, check out the arrangements available at our website.

Low Interest Practical Lending for Small Business

Short term loans are often hard to come by from large banks. Most banking institutions would like to give you and your small business a larger loan with huge interest rates in an effort to help their bottom line over the long haul. These loans can often take an otherwise healthy business, simply looking to solidify some of its finances in a lean season, and reduce their profitability long term by charging huge sums of money in interest.

Infinity Capital Funding has revolutionized the short term loan and made it make a whole lot more sense for small business people. Rather than waiting several months to be clubbed by a huge monthly loan repayment plan, we offer a merchant cash advance. These merchant cash advances have a quick turnaround for approval and offer you the chance to simply use a percentage of your credit card sales to pay back the loan over time. This is all without the huge interest rates that stifle business.

If your company is looking for a quick influx of some cash for necessary renovations, hiring, or any other sort of growth spending, this is the way to do it. The expert staff at Infinity Capital Funding will move the loan through quickly so you can begin spending money to make money again.

No Credit Cards? Try a Micro Loan

These days many of us take for granted the idea that a business will accept credit or debit cards. We barely carry around cash at all, save for particular situations, and it can end up being a real problem when some random purchase comes from a business with a “cash only” rule.

By the same token, some businesses feel excluded from the merchant cash advance program from Infinity Capital Funding because it is levied against credit card sales. Of course, for these people we have another short term loan option. The Micro Loan Program is a great option for any business that does not rely primarily on credit card sales to get a burst of cash to invest in their business.

Businesses can get up to $60,000 from the Micro Loan Program for a lending period of six to ten months. It is a great way to get a short term loan for your business and to keep things current or to open up new revenue streams that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive. You can winterize your store, modernize your office or just put in that pesky credit card machine whose absence has been frustrating customers for far too long.

Hiring New Employees With Merchant Cash Advance

Many people are talking about Quantitative Easing and other forms of government economic stimuli after last week’s Federal Reserve announcement. These measures are meant to free up money for banks so that they will feel more willing to loan money to businesses in need. The loans to these businesses are what allow many of them to hire more employees and, thereby, stimulate the economy by opening up the door to more consumer spending.

If you think that seems like a long chain of events to bet on, you are correct. The weeks and months that it takes for a decision like this to trickle down to small business owners can spell disaster for a small company. In a way, it is becoming difficult for some small businesses to keep up with the moderate improvements in the economy. While your business might be rebounding, it will take some time to earn the capital necessary to rehire some of the employees lost in the initial financial malaise of a few years ago.

A merchant cash advance is a great way to get back to hiring. If your company appears to be moving in the right direction and business is picking up hiring some new employees is not just a convenience, it is an almost patriotic act.